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Squarebody C10 LS Swap (With COMPLETE Parts Guide)

Updated: Feb 13

Orange C10 with Edelbrock's Pro Flo 4 XT

The first thing that a Squarebody LS Swap requires is a plan. From mild to wild, there are many options and different routes you can take, depending on your goal for the swap. Along with a step-by-step guide, we will list our favorite parts so you can get started swapping your LS into your C10, K10, Suburban, or any Squarebody truck.

Motor Mounts

#1: Hooker Blackheart LS Swap Mount Brackets (2WD) Holley White Box LS Swap Mount Brackets (4WD)

Take: Both made by Holley, these swap brackets are perfect for any swap. They are both a little spendy but will do the job perfectly, and more importantly, align your new engine to the stock transmission, if that is something you desire. Due to the nature of having a different front crossmember, there are different options for the C and K trucks.

#2: Dirty Dingo Adjustable LS Engine Mount Brackets

Take: The Dirty Dingo mounts are tried-and-true among many enthusiasts and DIY'ers. Due to their adjustable nature, it will be a little more difficult to get a perfect fit to your stock transmission; however, if you have a more custom build, these may be the way to go.



Due to the existence of so many radiators for LS Swaps, we will include our top 3 for both the budget-minded and those who have a little more money to play with.

#1 (Wild): Entropy Radiators - LSX Conversion Radiator w/ Dual Fans

Entropy Radiators LS Swap radiator
Pictured is their $1480 LS Swap Radiator with dual 11 inch electric fans, but this is only a starting point. You can customize the build however you'd like.

Take: Entropy Radiators is known by many in the car business as one of the best. From exceptional built-in-the-USA quality and fantastic customer service, Entropy can build you anything that you could possibly want, and they function just as good as they look. We recommend calling and talking to them about your specific needs; these radiators are built to order and in our experience they are more than happy to work with you to spec out something to your liking. However, you pay for the quality and good looks– we acknowledge that they are definitely on the high end of the budget.

#2 (Wild): DeWitts LSX Modified Radiator Modules 32-6139019A

Take: DeWitts is known by many for producing a quality radiator. While they have a bunch of options, this one has 2 13" fans producing over 3500 CFM of airflow. Again, the quality is something you have to pony up for, and this module is going to cost you close to $1500.




#1 (Wild): Dakota Digital RTX

If you can pony up the $1500 to buy the Dakota Digital RTX gauges, not only would I like to get into whatever business you're in, but I'd also love to sit in your truck. These gauges are the slickest on the market, and have a ton of customizability and features. Among these are the ability to set them up via your phone though an app and integrated warning lights; all from a classic-looking and timeless gauge cluster.

#2 (Wild): Dakota Digital VHX

If you don't exactly want to spend an entire paycheck on gauges for your square body, but still want that Dakota Digital dependability and customizability, their VHX line is a great choice. They still have that great look that Dakota Digital is known for, but are available for half the price of the RTX.

#3 (Wild): Autometer Invision 7004 Digital Gauges

Autometer Invision 7004 Gauges with OEM style trim
Autometer Invision 7004 ($1000)

If you're in the restomod crowd, or just like the look of a completely digital dash, the Invision gauges by Autometer may be for you. The 12.3 inch display has 4 selectable layouts, user-determined warning lights, and it even comes with OEM-style trim for a seamless look. But, just like the other "wild" gauges on this list, it ain't gonna be pretty for your wallet.

#1 (Mild): OEM GM Electronic Speedo Gauges

The best place to find these gauges is on eBay or your local Facebook Marketplace. When you are looking, look them on 1990-1991 Suburban, Blazer, and full size crew cabs if you can. The nice thing is, they will wire up perfectly to your OEM setup with minimal edits. The not-so-nice thing is that they are hard to find. However, if you're able to track some down, you can connect the electronic speedo output to any newer transmission and it'll work just fine.

#2 (Mild): Intellitronix Digital Direct-Fit Gauge Clusters DP6004W

If you want new gauges that aren't OEM-looking and won't absolutely destroy your budget, the Intellitronix cluster isn't a terrible way to go. Reviews also mention Intellitronix having great customer service, and that never hurts.



#1 (Wild): Hooker C10 LS Engine Swap Headers 70101503-1HKR

If you're looking for more power than manifolds, Hooker Headers are widely regarded by many as some of the best in the industry. If you have a C10 (2WD) truck, these should work perfectly for you. These come ceramic coated and ready for an O2 sensor, so no need to install a bung.

#1 (Mild): Speed Engineering C10 LS Swap 1 3/4" Longtube Headers

If you have a C10 (2WD), want to maximize power, and aren't looking to spend a bunch of money on headers, the Speed Engineering headers are a great way to go. They are well built out of 304 Stainless and come with a O2 bung welded in. One negative with these is that you will most likely need to buy their spark plug wires to make them fit, which are an extra $70.

#2 (Mild): Summit Racing Cast Exhaust Manifolds SUM-G9080


Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

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